Frustrated ‘Game of Thrones’ fans slam show with airplane banner across Seattle sky

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By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

“Game of Thrones” fans in Washington state figured out a new way to vent their frustration about the hit HBO show’s last season.

“SOMEONE REWRITE GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 PLZ,” read an airplane banner that flew across the Seattle sky around 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Ryan Geddes was the organizer behind the idea. He started a fundraiser to run the banner across the sky to say how he really felt about season eight of the show — and he said dozens of people pulled through.

“A couple donations rolled in, then 50, then 100,” Geddes told KING-TV. “I very clearly accidentally struck a nerve with a very aggrieved fan base. I think I severely underestimated how annoyed people are with this show.”

Geddes wrote on a GoFundMe page that the quoted price for the banner was $695. Other banner message ideas he threw around included, “If Bran no longer has jurisdiction over the Night’s Watch why is Sansa enforcing Jon’s banishment” and “None of the character decisions make sense any more make it stop please.”

“I still don’t know who the Night King is and I’m struggling to find an appropriate medium to express my frustration and despair,” another banner option read.

The annoyed “Game of Thrones” fan said the fundraiser was a “dumb joke” and admitted the money could have been better spent. He encouraged fans to donate to “Same You,” a charity run by Emilia Clarke — or Daenerys Targaryen — to help those affected by brain injuries.